Bright flash on a woman's body, a luminous pattern which have put jewels.
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Embroidery by stone.
Collection of pendants with cone crystal Swarovski

Collection of pendants with cone crystal Swarovski

Our exhibitions:
Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days, LEVEL'S 17-20 october 2013


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Sparkling charmer

Endless fairy tale

Once upon a time there lived a little girl, her parents worked hard for a living. The family had no wealth like so many other families. Unremarkable ordinary Soviet family. Little girl had dressed in clothing from cousins while she dreamed to have at least something of their own. And every New Year she asked Santa Claus to put under the Christmas tree something of clothes for her, but Father Christmas always brought six color pencils. The girl still does not like pencils, because they could never draw bright and in shades that what see her eyes.

The girl become a little older and have realized that there is not Santa Claus, and if she wants something really, she can learn to do yourself. In her 13th anniversary she had awaken by her mother early in the morning. Mom congratulated her on the birthday and said that we are going for a gift and it will be a special.

To acquire the gift was spent all day, because had to get to Kiev. We arrived in a jewelry store "Perlina". Famous Kiev "Perlina" which like as there is still. Mom led her to the showcase with a gold chains and said solemnly.


"Mom, why are you sure I need it"?

"You do not understand value now. Here you will grow up, you will realize"

The girl had to choose, so as not to offend her mother. The chain is still kept as a memory of the Soviet times and the values of the society, as she wanted to wear not a piece of metal with caution on its pricing priority in the eyes of society, namely the piece of art.

About our pendants

In the jewelry we appreciate, first of all, design. Exactly its choice reflects brightness, individuality and uniqueness of every woman.

To the image of our jewelry is applicable word Tondo. The direct significance of this beautiful word - round painting or bas-relief. This form was particularly popular in the era of the Renaissance in Italy. Most often on Tondo was portrayed "Madonna and Child". Until now Tondo artists consider sufficiently complex form to create a harmonious composition, but, in my opinion, other form which would be so irresistibly emphasize femininity simply does not exist.

Our pendants are large enough that allows to put image of jewels, "embroider" surface.

This gives possibility not only to emphasize the style, image, but also to choose the jewelry for any garment and any combination of its color. Jewelry are made using cone crystal Swarovski, which makes them appropriate in any situation, because not every jewelry can be worn during the day.

About our brand

Do you have to wear jewelry? Of course not. And what for it you? This is not underwear and shoes, without which, in principle, you can not do. But if you think, you can tighten belt even here. What is jewelry? So, a pretty bauble, the subject is exclusively for aesthetic purpose.

Encyclopedia on this occasion said: "Decorating (term) is proper only to human, not observed in animals that is a product of higher nervous activity (mind)." The conclusion is that the presence of aesthetic taste - not too bad, and rather is advantage. And women, like beautiful half of humanity, have it by definition. Women's jewelry should be bright, beautiful, unforgettable, namely the bright flash on a woman's body, a luminous pattern which have put jewels.

Our brand we called Sparkling charmer.