Volumetric pattern of Swarovski crystals. Kiev 2014.

Metal. Ceralun. Cone Swarovski crystals. Dimensions 10h15cm.

The first products will be illustrated with this product.

Chest tales

Chapter 1

Terra fulfills the desires

Unavailable lovely valley filled with strange colors singing birds of paradise, crystal rivers, lush carpets of grass and good animals. The feeling of eternity and beauty in it is that the heart is knocking on heaven. Many people want to meet the desires, but there can not be reached. Or maybe? Somebody live in it? But how?

The grandfather told of a country, he could describe its every stone, path, river, flower, he was trying to find her my whole life, but he did not succeed. All he could learn about it was random information and does not confirm its existence. Very weak clue to find it was the knowledge that this is a country where a lot of light and amazing reflections of infinite purity. Reflections - a brink of all material and each face - it is an opportunity to fulfill the desire. They are many and this is important.


- As our security?

- At the height, as always. Strange creatures, these people do not realize that the fulfillment of all desires - a butterfly effect, which can start an irreversible process. They can make the desire to be fulfilled at the expense of others, but Terra fulfills the desire still remains inaccessible for them.

Space options to offer every opportunity, but only if one of two conditions.

1. Desire the sincere, kind and want a lot of different people in different parts of the world.

2. The desire sincere, belongs to one man and his execution will not harm others.

When one of the people will understand it, he can get into the country to meet the desires. It's very simple and difficult at the same time.

The space options control the laws of nature, they return the system to a state of peace, where it is exposed to fluctuations in the least. At Laws of Nature has a department verification and realization of desires.

Meet: Stud loafers and abbreviated Shish - Front inspection and realization of desires. Their task is to find a new reflection of the purest and help a person to recreate it, to get the opportunity.

Hairpin helps ruby emerald dragon Hurry, thanks to which it copes with the search faster. Once she took him somewhere in the universe at the rehabilitation and is now busy with him. He is good, but the character he has one.

Chapter 2


- Hairpin, what happened to fidget?

- Hanging around somewhere. He's independent from us.

- Hairpin, if it is to wander unattended again scare all the butterflies.

- Oh, he loves them so. He sits on the highest hill, opens mouth and begins to seat fiery flowers. Butterflies flock to them and Fidget at this time bathed in their pollen, and then lies down on his stomach and sings:

"I want to grandmother did not end, they raced to follow me, follow me go, I want to."

Hairpin spread her hands:

- And where is he plucked it? At the same time I did not understand what he meant: women, money or butterflies. But we have a lot of butterflies.

- Hmm: Now I understand why so many of them in the valley.

- Do not scold him. They had obtained such beautiful, like a fairy tale. I also occasionally go out to enjoy this unforgettable spectacle. And at dawn - it is a miracle.

Varmint smile, waved, hugged studs.

- Hairpin, which we plan for today?

- Find an opportunity for a girl. We found fidgets very bright reflection, so bright that people recreate it without our help will not cope.

- And what is her wish?

- She wants to paint colors. It is to say if generalizing, but it is an unusual desire.

Varmint genuinely surprised:

- And this is how?

- This is a picture of flowers. They dream about it constantly. It creates them in their dreams and cries every night. And despite all this, she did not dare to do well, at least something.

- Stud, are you sure that we can help such a person?

- Absolutely.