Painting. Crystal flowers. Julia Agapova. Kiev 2013-2014.

Canvas. Acrylic. Butter. Diameter 95 cm. Symbolic composition. Postmodern.

                   Crystal flowers

     The flower in the nature is beautiful, but not eternal
     Flower crystal perfect only for a moment
     Eye light source, contemplation of, infinity
     What beauty and regal inside!
     Crystal flower-gift in our childhood
     Imagination awake and after so many years
     Creation of light and glass - for admiring means
     Welcome to the Crystal Light!
     Crystal tsvety- shades incontinence
     It was their pleasures combine
     The canvases freezes moments of assessment,
     The static perfection. And they are not to love?
     What pictures? Grace, style, shape, feelings?
     A value is always important, and in fact is.
     They are born in their beauty and eternal art
     Enthusiasm, hope, joy, and others do not count.